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Guide to Bench Models and Usage

Popular Models

There are three distinct styles of piano benches that are currently sold today and used by the majority of pianists as well as other musicians including harpists, guitarists and percussionists. They  include the traditional style duet piano bench, the adjustable piano bench and the double piano bench. Choosing the model of piano bench that is best for your needs is based on several parameters including how the piano bench will be used and where the bench will be located.

Traditional Duet Piano Bench

Padded Black Piano Bench

The traditional duet piano bench is a long time staple, having a roomy bench top surface it is comfortable for pianists of all sizes with a hinged top and storage compartment beneath. Available in a wide range of colors and leg styles, it can be ordered with either a plain wood bench top or fully padded. The duet piano bench serves as a standard replacement model for many pianos and is a favorite bench for many schools, churches and institutions due to its rugged construction.

Adjustable Piano Bench

Adjustable Piano Bench

Known for their comfort and versatility, adjustable piano benches are revered by many musicians as the ideal seating. Practical for pianists and various musicians of all ages they are available in a variety of styles and configurations. The most popular style adjustable bench adjusts from eighteen to twenty four inches in height and has a roomy storage compartment beneath the fully cushioned seat.

Double Benches

Double Piano Bench

An ever increasingly popular model piano bench is the double style, available in adjustable or fixed height configurations. The great appeal of the double bench is its ability to seat two players comfortably at one piano. Being aesthetically pleasing and more practical than using two benches, this model bench is used by a wide range of users, from piano teacher to professional performers.

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As you consider the various models and the parameters that each of them have it is best to select a couple of the most valuable characteristics that are important to you and then make your selection based on these factors. For example, if you are buying for a younger student that is still growing in height, an adjustable bench would be the most appropriate. The additional factors such as music storage, leg style and color would be based on your piano model and how much you are willing to spend. If the bench is for an institution, many buyers will consider the rugged construction paramount, a bench with no padding or fabric that is easy to tear. Above all, you want to purchase a bench that you are happy with and will serve you and your family for years to come. Purchasing a piano bench will be a simple and easy process if you include these simple facts into your search and buying process for finding a better bench